Hormonal Optimization

Hormonal Optimization

Moving Towards Hormonal Optimization

It used to be inevitable that as we went through life, our hormone levels were going to drop. In its current state, hormone replacement can be a dangerous proposition, especially if it is not done with bio-identical hormones. Without intervention, hormone levels peak during early or late adolescence and decline every decade thereafter. With that decline comes a decrease in elasticity, plasticity, strength, bone density, muscle mass, brain function, heart function and lung function. When hormone levels decline, every aspect of our physiology declines.

What Can Gladden Longevity Do for You?

It is critical that we assess hormone deficiencies and replace them with bio-identical hormones. However, replacing them is not enough. We need to assess a person’s hormonal risks related to prostate cancer, breast cancer, or heart disease. We also need to monitor the downstream metabolites of the hormones we prescribe to ensure they are safely metabolized. It is all taking advantage of the opportunities that come with bio-identical hormone replacement, while simultaneously managing the delicate balancing act that minimizes any potential risks.

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