Heart Health

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Minimize Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Do you want to reduce your chance for heart attack and stroke? Cardiac disease remains the number one killer in America, followed closely by cancer. When we eat certain foods, those foods will damage the lining of the blood vessels and set up an environment for the arteries to thicken. They are then infiltrated with cholesterol and become inflamed. There’s an inflammatory and an immune driven aspect of coronary artery disease that links together with other areas of immunity and inflammation. These include primarily gut health and genetics.

What Can Gladden Longevity Do for You?

Gladden Longevity will assess all of your genetics surrounding cardiac and arterial diseases. We will mitigate these risks through the use of supplements, nutrition, and exercise. In addition to assessing your risk factors, we will also measure your current state of cardiovascular health through imaging and biometric testing. We will understand the functional status of your heart and be able to detect the early signs of heart disease before irreversible damage has been done.

Rethink your concept of with Gladden Longevity!