Gut & Microbiome Optimization

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Did You Know that You were Eating "for Two?"

We used to think that our bodies were predominantly made up of human cells and that bacteria were bad for us. We now know that there are more bacterial cells than human cells in our bodies. When you think about the gut and microbiome, it is important to realize that 99% of the DNA associated with our bodies is non-human. Only 1% is human DNA, with the other 99% being made up of bacterial, viral, and some fungal DNA. The vast majority of these bacteria live in our large intestine.

Once we understand that, we can begin to understand that every one of us is actually eating for two.

  1. We eat to feed our human cells and
  2. We eat to feed our gut biome.

It turns out that the gut biome plays a critical role in how we process foods, extract nutrients, extract calories, how we detoxify, how we maintain the integrity of our intestinal tract, and how that integrity improves our immune system. Having an intact intestinal tract with a healthy gut biome improves our immunity to fight invaders, cancer cells, and decreases our chances of contracting autoimmunity.

What Can Gladden Longevity Do for You?

At Gladden Longevity, we explore the makeup of the gut biome and the integrity of the intestine to obtain specific information about the health of your gut. Once we have collected all the pertinent information, Dr. Gladden will then work with you to implement effective strategies to help you achieve the best balance between  your human physiology and the physiology of your gut biome.

Rethink your concept ofwith Gladden Longevity!