A New Way to Age: The Most Cutting Edge Advances in Anti-Aging

In 2020, Dr. Gladden was featured in Susanne Somers’ new book A New Way to Age: The Most Cutting Edge Advances in Anti-Aging. In the book, Suzanne shares her conversation with Dr. Gladden about the methods and technologies he uses to increase longevity while also improving quality of life.

Since the book’s publication, Dr. Gladden has added a number of next generation diagnostics to better define our mosaic of ages and track client progress. In addition, he is adding additional therapeutics included apheresis and rejuvenation technologies. Perhaps the most important new addition is the identification of the Circle of Longevity comprised of the foundational mechanisms involved in the aging process. The circle is comprised of 16 levers that when pulled in the right sequence with the right duration, frequency and intensity he believes has the potential to take us to a new levels of health, longevity and human performance.

Photo of Suzanne Somers